Civil War Heartland's Trail

With 46 historic sites ranging from Gainesville to Milledgeville, the Civil War Heartland Leaders Trail combines Civil War drama with the lives of the leaders and people who lived during this violent turning point in United States history.

The trail begins in Gainesville at the General James Longstreet home site and vineyards. A fire in 1889 demolished most of the original structure, but viewers can still paint a mental picture of the past while taking in the granite stairs and few terraces that still remain. The site is complete with a handsome statue of General Longstreet.

Statehouse Square, located in Milledgeville, rounds out the trail through Georgia’s Civil War history. Here visitors can take a look around Georgia’s former capitol grounds from 1807 to 1868, which is now home to Georgia Military College. The former capitol building has been recently restored and includes a museum for visitors interested in learning more about local and state history.

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