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Contact Information:
Type of Art:

Vendor Will Have:

Images & Booth Information
  Please send a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) digital   images of your work and booth to artinthesquarega@gmail.com.

  • Digital images only will be accepted
  • Minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dpi = dots per inch)
  • Image must be at least 1920 pixels on longest edge
  • Please save file in JPG format
  • Image file size must be less than 10 megabytes


After submitting this form go to www.artinthesquarega.com to pay your $10 Jury Fee

Once notified of acceptance please go to www.artinthesquarega.com and pay the following:

2-day booth fee (10 x 10) $120.00
Table and 2 chairs $15.00