$4500 for Meals on Wheels

The waiting list for Meals on Wheels in Gainesville-Hall County is
shrinking, thanks in part to one very strong man. Almost $4500.00 was
raised during a recent world record setting event at Greene Ford in
Gainesville. Fitness expert Greg Cochran pulled a Ford F-150 truck 50
feet from a seated position 17 times setting a world record in his weight
category. The 6000 pound truck represented one pound for every meal
served each month at Meals on Wheels.
Milon Christman coordinates the Meals on Wheels program and says
the recent support from the community has been tremendous. “We
realize more people than ever are trying to make ends meet. Just the
fact that so many people would help Meals on Wheels says a lot about
the generosity of Gainesville-Hall County,” Christman said.
Donations for Meals on Wheels can be made by contacting the North
Georgia Community Foundation at 770-535-7880 or the Meals on
Wheels office at 770-503-3330.